8 creative and pocket-friendly things you can do with your DRY MASCARA


The best thing to do with your dry mascara is NOT to throw it away, take advantage of it instead.

Here are 8 things you can do with it.

Remove stray eyebrow hairs


Get your dry mascara brush, comb your eyebrow with it and reach for those stray hairs. This will darken the hairs for you as you get more precision when plucking. We all know how bad the process of plucking our eyebrows could get, I cannot even remember how many times i’ve missed a spot or even ruined my eyebrow shape. Ever since i started using the above method, my life got so much easier.

Cover those white hairs

white hair.jpg

Whether you are 18 or 40, you will get white hair some day. First time I found a white hair (and this was a couple of months ago), I got mixed feelings, I didn’t know whether i liked or hated it, I mean i’m only 24, how in the HELL did this white thing find its place in my hair!! A couple of days like i noticed myself loving it, it’s part of maturity they say. However, for some women, finding 1 or more white hairs during their lifetime could be disastrous. So if you are reading this and been through it, here’s your way out of it if you’re not ready to dye your hair.

Get your DRY MASCARA, whether it’s a brown or black one, both can do the job. Brush that white hair off and you’re good to go !

Darken your eyebrows NATURALLY


There are MANY ways out there to darken the eyebrows (ex. eyeshadow, brow gel etc..)

However, if you are on a tight budget, here’s your creative and effective way to have those flawless eyebrows.

Get your DRY MASCARA and comb those eyebrows for a very natural look. The built-in gel in your mascara will keep your eyebrows up and steady all day long!

You can use:

  • Brown mascara for brown eyebrows
  • Black mascara for black eyebrows
  • Light brown and/or gold mascara for blondies with light eyebrows

No-Make up/No-Mascara make up look


Some of us don’t like to apply heavy coats of mascara everyday, therefore if you want to go for something light and natural, you can use your DRY MASCARA to give your eyelashes a good lift! The above picture is an example of my natural eye-look.

DIY Gel Mascara


Get your DRY MASCARA and a hair gel, mix them together and brush your eyebrows to get those well combed, fierce and steady eyebrows. You can also use this method for natural lightly tinted eyelashes.

N.B This works well with long eyebrows

Soften thick eyebrows


If you pluck your eyebrows very often, chances are they will become too thick.

Your solution is BABY OIL!

Just like many of us use baby oil for smoother and shinier legs after shaving, baby oil is a great way to soften up those eyebrows.

Get your mascara tube and add some baby oil into it, brush off those thick eyebrows as often as you can.

Castor Oil MAGIC!


I am sure we’ve heard of this magical oil at least twice in our lifetime! Castor oil (i.e. Zeit el kharwa3) is the BEST medicine for SMOOTHNESS, SHININESS, LENGTH and STRENGTH for HAIR, EYEBROW, EYELASHES etc!

Add castor oil into your dry mascara tube and brush your eyebrows every night before you sleep to get the best results for eyelash growth. You might as well brush your eyebrows on the way for fuller eyebrows!

DIY Mascara!


You favourite mascara has dried out and you don’t have time to get a new one (or you’d rather wait until the beginning of the month to get a new one).

Simply dip your mascara brush into your gel liner and voila!

N.B it will be harder to clean your eyes in this method but DONT WORRY, here’s what you do:

Either use our best friend, THE Baby Oil to remove your eye make up, or use an eye-make up remover thats based with oil.

My favourite oil-based make up remover is Pureté Thermale by VICHY.


It is a bit costly but its definitely worth it. Just a small dip would clean your whole eye make up.

That’s it you guys! Hope this was helpful and fun ❤

Always remember! You can always find creative and effective ways for anything in the world!

Thanks for reading

Much love,



Men’s Fall/Winter Options

Those who know me well or have read my previous articles regarding what FASHION is to me, already know that I neither depend on what’s trendy nor what brand a clothing item is. As long as it has a good quality and it suits me, i’m good to go!

This applies to Women AND Men. And when it comes to Men’s Fashion, it’s not so hard to hit the road looking stylish and effortless without spending hours thinking of what you should wear. Unlike us ladies, Men’s options are direct and simple.

I will get straight to the point to elaborate my point of view.

The Casual Effortless Look

All it took to have this ‘Stylish yet casual’ look was a white T-Shirt, a denim jacket and black cropped trousers (that are NOT too tight). It is a relaxed-legged trousers. !!!

(N.B: TIGHT PANTS are a big NO-NO !!!!)

The Upgraded Casual

This is a well-known style, wearing a shirt under a solid crew-neck. You can always add a nice scarf and a beret or a beanie for a more upgraded stylish look

The Comfy Chic look


A solid loose crew-neck and slimline joggers (SUPER COMFY) and then BOOM!, a very chic coat and a cool pair of shades and he’s good to go!

Its the kinda look that says, “its cold out there, dont feel like getting goose bumps the whole day so imma wear a comfy outfit and twist your minds with that chic coat, cause i’m stylish and i know it” … (N.B: no one says that, but it gives that good of an impression)

The StreetStyler


The name explains itself. You can either choose to go for the Ensemble-d Street-style or the Free-style kinda street-style, either way is a great way to exhibit your creativity!

(I would lose that metallic chain tho – it’s a very old style and i hope to God it be forgotten…. like EVER! )

As for the ripped jeans, i still haven’t formulated my opinion towards men wearing ripped jeans altho i really like the style on the above picture, but would i want my bf to wear ripped denims? (hmmm .. ) Please do comment below and give me your opinion over this matter.

The Refined chic


I simply admire such a style, whenever i encounter it, i automatically feel relaxed and it gives this soothing impression of a hardcore Parisian kinda man. Altho i’m not so sure about those pair of shoes, but bto2ta3!

Over all, it is a very nice look, the guys up front and clear with his style

The luxurious!


Now gimme a break! The charming look, uptight, Businessman SLASH! Fashion-Influencer SLASH! Hi i’m Mr.Christian Gray – is the ultimate perfection. I am simply dazzled by this look, and look at that haircut ! (N.B: This look comes with FULL GROWN confidence, pockets and a BEARD!)

This outfit is not as easy and simple as the rest of the looks in my article, its kind of an expensive look, im speaking money wise and courage wise, but again, it’s the ULTIMATE perfection!

This is all you guys, just simple examples for you to blend more into the Fashion World, of course these are few of many more examples out there and please do note that this article is only opinionated through my own perspective and a few other good-eyed people who loved the above styles.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this, as it was a request from many of you guys who are interested in knowing more about your options, so there you have it !
For all the men reading this, do know that it’s NOT wrong to go out there looking stylish, it is actually one of many forms of confidence to go crazy and creative with your wardrobe.

P.S I am available to answer all your questions regarding men’s fashion through my insta-direct @pashion.atelier

Hope you all have a Manzilicious day ! (just came up with that word)

Thank you for reading!

Find your season !



So spring hit in really hard, it’s almost summer time and as fashion lovers, we are eager to start wearing our colorful and fun summer outfits. Some of you might be renovating your closet or making space for a new collection. Before you go out emptying that credit card, read along to know the colors that suit your skin tone best and start a fresh season!

A small intro about why we need to understand the importance of colors for every skin tone (I promise I wont bore you too much! Lol) As dazzling as colors can be, some of them wouldn’t make us look good as other colors would. In fact, colors that do not match our skin tone would make us look washed out or sick.

Another factor is that colors say a lot about our personalities and moods. For instance, when you’re happy, you go for bright and fun colors (of course there are exceptions). However, when you’re feeling down, some of you might probably go for colors like black, grey or brown which are the colors that match how you’re feeling. This is why, it is important for every person to know what colors suit them best, to give the best signals and impressions wherever they go. Whether you have a job interview, a social gathering or a date, you’d want to look your best. So let’s go ahead and find your color range! Yay!

First, you need to look at TWO things to know whether you’re warm toned, cool toned or a neutral

Step 1. In natural lighting, look at the veins at the back of your wrist like the picture below


Find out what color are your veins, you are either Warm Toned, Cool Toned or Neutral (a mix of both)

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.51.07 PM

Step 2. In order to make sure of the above, try this neck test


In natural lighting, place a white paper next to your neck and check your undertone colors

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.56.01 PM

Now, to find your color range, you’ve got to discover ‘your season’. Don’t worry! Its super easy! Check it out below



FINALLY ! Search for your color range based on your season. For example, I have green veins, a yellow undertone and I get burnt under the sun –> this means I fall under the category of ‘Warm Toned’. To know my season, I fall under Spring or Autumn, the next step is to find my contrast.. I do NOT have high contrast between my skin, hair and eyes, in fact, I have a muted kind of contrast (less contrast with softer tones)

MY RESULT is –> I am an Autumn.

Those are the colors every Autumn person would look dazzling in:


If you’re a Spring, here’s your chart ! (Most beautiful colors)


For the Summer girl (calming colors)


For those Winter girls, enjoy your elegant range of colors =)




Extra Tip: There are only 9 common colors that suit most skin tones, check them out

  1. Emeraldemerald-cut
  2. CharcoalGranular activated carbon for water filter on white background
  3. Fuchsiaa_fuschia_flower_by_godanna.jpg
  4. Navy Bluecatalan-navy-1024x768
  5. Cobalt Bluecobalt-blue-mica-powder
  6. Teal (a mix of blue and green)plush-teal-fabric-texture.jpg
  7. Dark Purple348036-dark-purple-silky-texture
  8. Bright RedBright_red_clusters
  9. Pale Pink2.jpg

Haute Couture

Benjamin Kanarek Haute Couture for Harpers Bazaar/Model: Maud Welzen

What is Haute Couture? And what is its importance in the Fashion World? Most of us ask ourselves those questions and wonder why Haute Couture exists; well this post is a chance for those of you that want to satisfy their curiosity. As a Fashion Entrepreneur and Blogger, I was interviewed by Instituto Marangoni graduate Haneen Maalouf, who has completed her Masters degree in Luxury Brand Management in London.

Haneen is conducting primary research to study Fashion Bloggers/Fashion Entrepreneurs perspective regarding Haute Couture being included in luxury brand’s online boutique.

Read along to discover more about Haute Couture

Haven Malouf: I am a Master student in Istituto Marangoni (London), and I am conducting primary research to study fashion bloggers/fashion entrepreneurs perspective regarding haute couture being included in luxury brand’s online boutique. Please answer the following questions within short answers.

Haneen Malouf: How important is haute couture for the fashion world? Why?

Dolly Eter: Fashion started with Charles Frederick Worth (a.k.a the Father of Haute Couture), and ever since, fashion has evolved like technology because of Haute Couture. Therefore, Couture is very important to the fashion world because it reflects the creativity and expressions of every fashion designer. Many people would argue that there is no point in Haute Couture since most people do not purchase designer clothes, however, in the past few years, Couture has never been more successful and sales percentages, of 3/4th of the big brands, has increased wildly in this age of the global super-rich. Not to mention, without Haute Couture, there would be less glitz and excitement for celebrities, their fans, models, paparazzi…and everyone would be wearing standard and conventional items and that would hurt the bottom line of the fashion industry and the stardom image of celebrities and high society.

Haneen Malouf: Do you think the concept of haute couture changed with time?

Dolly Eter: Haute couture has moved away from handcrafted, made-to-fit items intended for specific wealthy clients to now revolve around the runway. Being seen in today’s world is one of the most valuable things a designer brand can do and many designers have dropped “pret-a-porter” and are focusing on Couture, clothes that typically are not sold and are not meant to be worn, and fragrance, which is perhaps the top revenue-driver for fashion houses, is an interesting positioning strategy. These designers are using couture to place themselves in the highest echelons of luxury fashion. They are moving away from producing actual fashion towards something that more resembles art.

H.M: What do you think of the engagement of the Internet with luxury brands?

D.E: The Internet is a massive touch point for fashion items and luxury brands. Since we live in a world where everyone is connected and indulging their visual hunger, as well as their exhibitionist side, through social media platforms. We are curious creatures and have an endless love for art, beauty and luxury, there’s no doubt that the internet not only teaches us about many designers and many styles and products, but it also gets a lot of people inspired to seek those products.

H.M: How do you think that you as a blogger/fashion entrepreneur can influence the taste of the current generation and their fashion decisions?

D.E: Honestly, my aim is not only to help those who do not know much about fashion and beauty, but also to learn and get more engaged with the fashion world myself. So in regards of influencing our generation, I wouldn’t really describe it as influencing because I believe each person has something unique in them with a different taste and perspective to fashion. Having many goals in mind, one of which is to become an image consultant, I would like to help those who are interested in exploring their taste and finding their own style. For me, it is never about what is trendy; it is about what suits one most.

H.M: Do you believe that haute couture should be sold online through the online boutique?

D.E: No it shouldn’t for two reasons. Haute Couture has always been a social and “select” public endeavor, easy public access and Haute Couture do not mix. In addition, for someone to make sure they are buying a great piece of art that would fit them perfectly, they would have to do so by following the traditional process of buying an Haute Couture.

H.M: What do you think, as a fashion blogger and fashion entrepreneur might be the positives and negatives of selling haute couture on the brand’s online boutique?

D.E: As I mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t really see positive aspects in selling Haute Couture online. I am however with the idea of displaying the great items online to drive people to the stores and consolidate the brand’s identity. Negatives:

  • Lets suppose I bought an item online, first of all pictures don’t really reflect the beauty of the detail in an item. In addition, if I got my item online, and I was disappointed for ANY reason (whether the size, the texture etc…) it wouldn’t be a good feedback for the brands name since bad reputation would build up based on word-of-mouth.
  • Another negative aspect would be that Haute Couture would be easily obtained (and I am speaking for those who can afford it). When something is easy to get, it becomes a normal thing and loses its spark. One of the reasons for the success of the Haute Couture world today is that it builds anticipation and excitement to actually get into the designers store where you would see all those beautiful details clearly and you can actually touch the fabrics etc.. And be able to try them out to know which item looks best on you. This way, the brand can guarantee 99% of the customer’s gratitude for the inspiration and craftsmanship of the designer.

Thank you for your time.

I hope this was helpful for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Haute Couture World. For any additional questions, I am ready to answer you whenever and wherever you catch me =)

You can contact me through the social media platforms located at the footer below.

My next post will be a continuation of my previous article STYLE NOT BRAND, so stay tuned !

Style NOT Brand

As much as I am dazzled by Gucci, Casadei, Hermes and the endless list of styles and designer clothes, shoes and bags; I also look for affordability and style. We admire brands that speak, however, one cannot always afford wearing the latest MK bag or the hottest pair of Salsa Jeans. You can always stick to brands such as H&M, ZARA, River Island, Jennifer, Springfield, Stradivarius, Oxygen, forever21 and much more in order to look as gorgeous as the girl standing next to you wearing Chanel and LVs.
I follow this principle, good quality + affordability = success

I will illustrate:

Cheap quality clothes are a big no no! Even my most favorite stores such as H&M and Bershka have some cheap items there. I like good quality items that don’t need any bodyguards on or around them. However, you can transform a simple top that has no value, into looking incredible. The secret ? ….. !! ACCESSORIES !!

Always focus on accessories and outwear. You can be wearing casual denims with a plain top and still turn your whole outfit into a stylish one.
Accessories such as: headbands – Scarfs – Necklaces – Belts – and most importantly SHOES and BAGS.

Outwears such as: Cardigans – Vests/Gilet – Jackets – Tunics etc..

I will show you some examples of affordable items with good qualities:

All it took me was a tank top and a skirt from H&M.  The sugar for this coffee was my colorful ZARA cardigan and a necklace

All it took me was a tank top and a skirt from H&M.
The sugar for this coffee was my colorful ZARA cardigan and a necklace

Mix and Match is my ultimate game ! Notice how much accessories change a simple outfit into different styles

Mix and Match is my ultimate game ! Notice how much accessories change a simple outfit into different styles

This velvet burgundy dress from H&M is very comfortable and stylish at the same time. I styled it up with a simple necklace from Aldo with a feminine hat from a shop on one of Paris’s streets. Burgundy is one of my best colors, and its on the top trend list of colors for this season

This velvet burgundy dress from H&M is very comfortable and stylish at the same time. I styled it up with a simple necklace from Aldo with a feminine hat from a shop on one of Paris’s streets. Burgundy is one of my best colors, and its on the top trend list of colors for this season

I got this stunning dress from Ashi Fashion. I love the quality, the gold lining and most importantly its affordability

I got this stunning dress from Ashi Fashion.
I love the quality, the gold lining and most importantly its affordability

Style NOT brand is one of my principles in fashion. My next article will build on this post where I will be giving examples of transforming an outfit to fit many different ocassions. Before and after visuals will be shown in order to see the big difference between each style.

These were examples of some of Her Closet Selection. For more ideas, visit my instagram account @pashion.atelier for daily inspiration. In addition to that, you can get to know many other socialites and designers in order to form your own fashion sense.

I hope you enjoyed and benefitted from this post. I am available on all of the social media platforms written in my footer picture down below.

Thank you for reading along, and I will be looking forward for your comments and questions.

Have a nice evening =)

What is My Style?

Many of us ask ourselves this question. Since there are so many different clothing styles and with the endless celebrity styles we see everyday, it is only normal for us to wonder and feel overwhelmed but do not despair.

Everything has been classified and broken down to five different style personalities.

  • The Classic
Classics always prefer 3 things : - Smart trousers instead of jeans - Classic color combination (mix and match) and - Quality over quantity This is a sophisticated look that shows real quality - Mira Bissar

Classics always prefer 3 things :
– Smart trousers instead of jeans
– Classic color combination (mix and match)
– Quality over quantity
This is a sophisticated look that shows real quality – Mira Bissar

  • The Creative
The creative says it all. This girls LOVES to have fun with her wardrobe. She chooses strong contrasting colors, including eye-catching statement accessories and endless hair styles. Dressing is an art form for those kinds of style personalities - Farah Marhaba

The creative says it all.
This girls LOVES to play around her wardrobe. She chooses strong contrasting colors, including eye-catching statement accessories and endless hair styles.
Dressing is an art form for those kinds of style personalities – Farah Marhaba

  • The Dramatic
Dramatic looks are all about

Dramatic looks are all about “WOW” factors.
Whether they are long silk or chamois dresses or jumpsuits, the dramatic look always makes a statement and turn heads as they enter a room – Tina Mansour

  • The Casual/Natural
A night out with nothing but a long Denim jacket and Sneakers. She is comfy, natural yet very stylish, especially with that pop of Rouge lipstick - Chayenne Mouawad

A night out with nothing but a long Denim jacket and Sneakers. She is comfy, natural yet very stylish, especially with that pop of Rouge lipstick – Chayenne Mouawad

  • The Romantic
Notice the dry appliqués with lace and ballerinas. Romantic looks are all about pretty details, quality and femininity - Chayenne Mouawad

Notice the dry appliqués with lace and ballerinas. Romantic looks are all about pretty details, quality and femininity – Chayenne Mouawad

These are examples of every category. Those are the looks i chose from the infinite styles of each girl.

Now let’s get started with the quiz that can help you figure out under which category you fall. Many people clearly fit into 1 of 5 of these categories; however, interestingly, we sometimes flow from one to another of the Style Personalities, depending on our mood or between our work and leisure time.

All you have to do in this quiz is to get a pen and paper and draw a tick for every statement that falls into each of the categories that YOU find true about yourself (it is a matter of total number of ticks).

The Classic

  • You like to wear suits and twin-sets
  • You prefer smart trousers to jeans
  • You don’t follow fashion trends, but prefer a timeless look
  • You like to appear well turned-out but not over-dressed
  • You avoid too many colors in one outfit
  • You prefer classic color combinations
  • You would prefer to buy Quality over Quantity
  • You shop in a few trusted shops
  • You like to tuck shirts in and wear quality belts
  • You like light wools, fine cottons and silks
  • You wear classic shoe styles such as the court or penny loafer
  • You have a timeless hairstyle that you rarely change
  • If you dye your hair, it is close to its natural color
  • You consider your style elegant, mature and refined
  • Your style is smart, understated and doesn’t attract too much attention
  • You prefer soft folds and straight lines
  • You like tailored styles – nothing too baggy or loose
  • You prefer straight or pencil skirts to full or pleated
  • You have a safe and predictable makeup routine
  • Your look is always sophisticated and easily coordinated
  • Your jewellery is classic and of fine quality

The Creative

  • You like to have fun with your wardrobe choices
  • You’re inspired by catwalks but always add your own twists
  • You love bold, modern costume jewellery
  • You love eye-catching, statement accessories
  • You like to wear strong, contrasting colors
  • You may have an ethnic or even theatrical look
  • You prefer ensemble dressing to mix and match
  • You like fabrics that have glitter and shine
  • Your style is unique, eclectic and unpredictable
  • You love billowy lines and unusual silhouettes
  • You experiment with exotic or geometric prints
  • You may be a hoarder and can see a use for everything
  • Your clothes are a collection from different decades
  • To you, dressing is an art form
  • You may have angular or prominent features
  • Your hairstyle has long curls or is short and dramatic
  • You often experiment with your makeup
  • Some might think you dress ‘inappropriately’ for some occasions
  • You have long finger nails and paint them regularly
  • You are a trendsetter rather than a fashion follower
  • People admire your brave and daring style combinations

The Dramatic

  • You like to make a big entrance
  • Your top priority is to include a ‘wow’ factor
  • You love to follow the latest fashion trend
  • Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies
  • You love to party and to be the ‘star of the show’
  • Your wardrobe is full of impulse buys
  • You often sacrifice practicality to look good
  • You’d always rather be over-dressed than under-dressed
  • You love Hollywood glamour and Marilyn Monroe
  • Makeup is drama: striking red lips, luscious lashes and smoldering eyes
  • You like to express your sexuality in your clothes
  • You prefer bold, striking accessories
  • Your hairstyle can be bold, and always well styled
  • You have good levels of body confidence
  • You love fashion magazines and beauty products
  • You like bold colors and animal prints
  • You enjoy reinventing yourself and trying new looks
  • You love to have fun with your hairstyle, and have numerous styling products and tools
  • You like baby-doll dresses and exaggerated styles
  • You have trouble toning down your look for work
  • You love to have a ‘red carpet’ occasion to get dressed up for

The Natural

  • Feeling comfortable is your top priority
  • Your hair is often casual, unfussy and tousled
  • You rarely wear twin-sets, preferring separates
  • You love denim, khaki, cord, and tweed
  • You wear minimal makeup, and prefer to go natural
  • You get bored by beauty routines and mirror gazing
  • To you, style should always be fuss-free
  • You like loose-fitting clothes that you can move in
  • You often wear whatever is ‘at hand’ and ready to go
  • You like handsfree bags to through over your shoulder
  • Your jewellery has earthy tones, wood, shell, stones, and other natural materials
  • You like a simple, uncluttered look
  • You prefer jeans and shorts, but like full or long skirts
  • You prefer flat shoes and boots whenever possible
  • You’d always choose a kitten heel over a stiletto
  • You like eye-catching detail but in moderation
  • You dislike tight, constricting clothes
  • You don’t like being over-dressed, or too ‘made-up’
  • You choose practicality over making a statement
  • You can be quite a tomboy or sporty

The Romantic

  • You love pretty colors such as pinks and pastels
  • You like details such as ruffles, frills, flounces and appliqués
  • You love to wear perfume
  • You prefer delicate jewellery (sometimes antique), both simple and elaborate
  • You choose cashmere, angora, silk, lace and tulle and voile
  • You like floral prints and detailing
  • You adore pearls, diamonds, sequins and diamante
  • You often choose romantic styles from bygone eras such as Victorian times
  • You like ribbons, bows and feminine detailing
  • You may have dainty, delicate and feminine features
  • Your makeup is often subtle, with emphasis on the eyes
  • You like softer lines with bust or waist definition; no harsh or masculine lines
  • You like kitten heels, peep-toe pumps, ballerina flats, and Mary-Janes

After you are done, count how many ticks there are in every category and VOILA you found YOUR STYLE.

I hope you enjoyed this quiz.

My Next Post will be about “Style NOT Brand”, followed by pictures of my outfits that cost way less than what they seem.