8 creative and pocket-friendly things you can do with your DRY MASCARA


The best thing to do with your dry mascara is NOT to throw it away, take advantage of it instead.

Here are 8 things you can do with it.

Remove stray eyebrow hairs


Get your dry mascara brush, comb your eyebrow with it and reach for those stray hairs. This will darken the hairs for you as you get more precision when plucking. We all know how bad the process of plucking our eyebrows could get, I cannot even remember how many times i’ve missed a spot or even ruined my eyebrow shape. Ever since i started using the above method, my life got so much easier.

Cover those white hairs

white hair.jpg

Whether you are 18 or 40, you will get white hair some day. First time I found a white hair (and this was a couple of months ago), I got mixed feelings, I didn’t know whether i liked or hated it, I mean i’m only 24, how in the HELL did this white thing find its place in my hair!! A couple of days like i noticed myself loving it, it’s part of maturity they say. However, for some women, finding 1 or more white hairs during their lifetime could be disastrous. So if you are reading this and been through it, here’s your way out of it if you’re not ready to dye your hair.

Get your DRY MASCARA, whether it’s a brown or black one, both can do the job. Brush that white hair off and you’re good to go !

Darken your eyebrows NATURALLY


There are MANY ways out there to darken the eyebrows (ex. eyeshadow, brow gel etc..)

However, if you are on a tight budget, here’s your creative and effective way to have those flawless eyebrows.

Get your DRY MASCARA and comb those eyebrows for a very natural look. The built-in gel in your mascara will keep your eyebrows up and steady all day long!

You can use:

  • Brown mascara for brown eyebrows
  • Black mascara for black eyebrows
  • Light brown and/or gold mascara for blondies with light eyebrows

No-Make up/No-Mascara make up look


Some of us don’t like to apply heavy coats of mascara everyday, therefore if you want to go for something light and natural, you can use your DRY MASCARA to give your eyelashes a good lift! The above picture is an example of my natural eye-look.

DIY Gel Mascara


Get your DRY MASCARA and a hair gel, mix them together and brush your eyebrows to get those well combed, fierce and steady eyebrows. You can also use this method for natural lightly tinted eyelashes.

N.B This works well with long eyebrows

Soften thick eyebrows


If you pluck your eyebrows very often, chances are they will become too thick.

Your solution is BABY OIL!

Just like many of us use baby oil for smoother and shinier legs after shaving, baby oil is a great way to soften up those eyebrows.

Get your mascara tube and add some baby oil into it, brush off those thick eyebrows as often as you can.

Castor Oil MAGIC!


I am sure we’ve heard of this magical oil at least twice in our lifetime! Castor oil (i.e. Zeit el kharwa3) is the BEST medicine for SMOOTHNESS, SHININESS, LENGTH and STRENGTH for HAIR, EYEBROW, EYELASHES etc!

Add castor oil into your dry mascara tube and brush your eyebrows every night before you sleep to get the best results for eyelash growth. You might as well brush your eyebrows on the way for fuller eyebrows!

DIY Mascara!


You favourite mascara has dried out and you don’t have time to get a new one (or you’d rather wait until the beginning of the month to get a new one).

Simply dip your mascara brush into your gel liner and voila!

N.B it will be harder to clean your eyes in this method but DONT WORRY, here’s what you do:

Either use our best friend, THE Baby Oil to remove your eye make up, or use an eye-make up remover thats based with oil.

My favourite oil-based make up remover is Pureté Thermale by VICHY.


It is a bit costly but its definitely worth it. Just a small dip would clean your whole eye make up.

That’s it you guys! Hope this was helpful and fun ❤

Always remember! You can always find creative and effective ways for anything in the world!

Thanks for reading

Much love,



Find your season !



So spring hit in really hard, it’s almost summer time and as fashion lovers, we are eager to start wearing our colorful and fun summer outfits. Some of you might be renovating your closet or making space for a new collection. Before you go out emptying that credit card, read along to know the colors that suit your skin tone best and start a fresh season!

A small intro about why we need to understand the importance of colors for every skin tone (I promise I wont bore you too much! Lol) As dazzling as colors can be, some of them wouldn’t make us look good as other colors would. In fact, colors that do not match our skin tone would make us look washed out or sick.

Another factor is that colors say a lot about our personalities and moods. For instance, when you’re happy, you go for bright and fun colors (of course there are exceptions). However, when you’re feeling down, some of you might probably go for colors like black, grey or brown which are the colors that match how you’re feeling. This is why, it is important for every person to know what colors suit them best, to give the best signals and impressions wherever they go. Whether you have a job interview, a social gathering or a date, you’d want to look your best. So let’s go ahead and find your color range! Yay!

First, you need to look at TWO things to know whether you’re warm toned, cool toned or a neutral

Step 1. In natural lighting, look at the veins at the back of your wrist like the picture below


Find out what color are your veins, you are either Warm Toned, Cool Toned or Neutral (a mix of both)

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.51.07 PM

Step 2. In order to make sure of the above, try this neck test


In natural lighting, place a white paper next to your neck and check your undertone colors

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.56.01 PM

Now, to find your color range, you’ve got to discover ‘your season’. Don’t worry! Its super easy! Check it out below



FINALLY ! Search for your color range based on your season. For example, I have green veins, a yellow undertone and I get burnt under the sun –> this means I fall under the category of ‘Warm Toned’. To know my season, I fall under Spring or Autumn, the next step is to find my contrast.. I do NOT have high contrast between my skin, hair and eyes, in fact, I have a muted kind of contrast (less contrast with softer tones)

MY RESULT is –> I am an Autumn.

Those are the colors every Autumn person would look dazzling in:


If you’re a Spring, here’s your chart ! (Most beautiful colors)


For the Summer girl (calming colors)


For those Winter girls, enjoy your elegant range of colors =)




Extra Tip: There are only 9 common colors that suit most skin tones, check them out

  1. Emeraldemerald-cut
  2. CharcoalGranular activated carbon for water filter on white background
  3. Fuchsiaa_fuschia_flower_by_godanna.jpg
  4. Navy Bluecatalan-navy-1024x768
  5. Cobalt Bluecobalt-blue-mica-powder
  6. Teal (a mix of blue and green)plush-teal-fabric-texture.jpg
  7. Dark Purple348036-dark-purple-silky-texture
  8. Bright RedBright_red_clusters
  9. Pale Pink2.jpg

What is My Style?

Many of us ask ourselves this question. Since there are so many different clothing styles and with the endless celebrity styles we see everyday, it is only normal for us to wonder and feel overwhelmed but do not despair.

Everything has been classified and broken down to five different style personalities.

  • The Classic
Classics always prefer 3 things : - Smart trousers instead of jeans - Classic color combination (mix and match) and - Quality over quantity This is a sophisticated look that shows real quality - Mira Bissar

Classics always prefer 3 things :
– Smart trousers instead of jeans
– Classic color combination (mix and match)
– Quality over quantity
This is a sophisticated look that shows real quality – Mira Bissar

  • The Creative
The creative says it all. This girls LOVES to have fun with her wardrobe. She chooses strong contrasting colors, including eye-catching statement accessories and endless hair styles. Dressing is an art form for those kinds of style personalities - Farah Marhaba

The creative says it all.
This girls LOVES to play around her wardrobe. She chooses strong contrasting colors, including eye-catching statement accessories and endless hair styles.
Dressing is an art form for those kinds of style personalities – Farah Marhaba

  • The Dramatic
Dramatic looks are all about

Dramatic looks are all about “WOW” factors.
Whether they are long silk or chamois dresses or jumpsuits, the dramatic look always makes a statement and turn heads as they enter a room – Tina Mansour

  • The Casual/Natural
A night out with nothing but a long Denim jacket and Sneakers. She is comfy, natural yet very stylish, especially with that pop of Rouge lipstick - Chayenne Mouawad

A night out with nothing but a long Denim jacket and Sneakers. She is comfy, natural yet very stylish, especially with that pop of Rouge lipstick – Chayenne Mouawad

  • The Romantic
Notice the dry appliqués with lace and ballerinas. Romantic looks are all about pretty details, quality and femininity - Chayenne Mouawad

Notice the dry appliqués with lace and ballerinas. Romantic looks are all about pretty details, quality and femininity – Chayenne Mouawad

These are examples of every category. Those are the looks i chose from the infinite styles of each girl.

Now let’s get started with the quiz that can help you figure out under which category you fall. Many people clearly fit into 1 of 5 of these categories; however, interestingly, we sometimes flow from one to another of the Style Personalities, depending on our mood or between our work and leisure time.

All you have to do in this quiz is to get a pen and paper and draw a tick for every statement that falls into each of the categories that YOU find true about yourself (it is a matter of total number of ticks).

The Classic

  • You like to wear suits and twin-sets
  • You prefer smart trousers to jeans
  • You don’t follow fashion trends, but prefer a timeless look
  • You like to appear well turned-out but not over-dressed
  • You avoid too many colors in one outfit
  • You prefer classic color combinations
  • You would prefer to buy Quality over Quantity
  • You shop in a few trusted shops
  • You like to tuck shirts in and wear quality belts
  • You like light wools, fine cottons and silks
  • You wear classic shoe styles such as the court or penny loafer
  • You have a timeless hairstyle that you rarely change
  • If you dye your hair, it is close to its natural color
  • You consider your style elegant, mature and refined
  • Your style is smart, understated and doesn’t attract too much attention
  • You prefer soft folds and straight lines
  • You like tailored styles – nothing too baggy or loose
  • You prefer straight or pencil skirts to full or pleated
  • You have a safe and predictable makeup routine
  • Your look is always sophisticated and easily coordinated
  • Your jewellery is classic and of fine quality

The Creative

  • You like to have fun with your wardrobe choices
  • You’re inspired by catwalks but always add your own twists
  • You love bold, modern costume jewellery
  • You love eye-catching, statement accessories
  • You like to wear strong, contrasting colors
  • You may have an ethnic or even theatrical look
  • You prefer ensemble dressing to mix and match
  • You like fabrics that have glitter and shine
  • Your style is unique, eclectic and unpredictable
  • You love billowy lines and unusual silhouettes
  • You experiment with exotic or geometric prints
  • You may be a hoarder and can see a use for everything
  • Your clothes are a collection from different decades
  • To you, dressing is an art form
  • You may have angular or prominent features
  • Your hairstyle has long curls or is short and dramatic
  • You often experiment with your makeup
  • Some might think you dress ‘inappropriately’ for some occasions
  • You have long finger nails and paint them regularly
  • You are a trendsetter rather than a fashion follower
  • People admire your brave and daring style combinations

The Dramatic

  • You like to make a big entrance
  • Your top priority is to include a ‘wow’ factor
  • You love to follow the latest fashion trend
  • Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies
  • You love to party and to be the ‘star of the show’
  • Your wardrobe is full of impulse buys
  • You often sacrifice practicality to look good
  • You’d always rather be over-dressed than under-dressed
  • You love Hollywood glamour and Marilyn Monroe
  • Makeup is drama: striking red lips, luscious lashes and smoldering eyes
  • You like to express your sexuality in your clothes
  • You prefer bold, striking accessories
  • Your hairstyle can be bold, and always well styled
  • You have good levels of body confidence
  • You love fashion magazines and beauty products
  • You like bold colors and animal prints
  • You enjoy reinventing yourself and trying new looks
  • You love to have fun with your hairstyle, and have numerous styling products and tools
  • You like baby-doll dresses and exaggerated styles
  • You have trouble toning down your look for work
  • You love to have a ‘red carpet’ occasion to get dressed up for

The Natural

  • Feeling comfortable is your top priority
  • Your hair is often casual, unfussy and tousled
  • You rarely wear twin-sets, preferring separates
  • You love denim, khaki, cord, and tweed
  • You wear minimal makeup, and prefer to go natural
  • You get bored by beauty routines and mirror gazing
  • To you, style should always be fuss-free
  • You like loose-fitting clothes that you can move in
  • You often wear whatever is ‘at hand’ and ready to go
  • You like handsfree bags to through over your shoulder
  • Your jewellery has earthy tones, wood, shell, stones, and other natural materials
  • You like a simple, uncluttered look
  • You prefer jeans and shorts, but like full or long skirts
  • You prefer flat shoes and boots whenever possible
  • You’d always choose a kitten heel over a stiletto
  • You like eye-catching detail but in moderation
  • You dislike tight, constricting clothes
  • You don’t like being over-dressed, or too ‘made-up’
  • You choose practicality over making a statement
  • You can be quite a tomboy or sporty

The Romantic

  • You love pretty colors such as pinks and pastels
  • You like details such as ruffles, frills, flounces and appliqués
  • You love to wear perfume
  • You prefer delicate jewellery (sometimes antique), both simple and elaborate
  • You choose cashmere, angora, silk, lace and tulle and voile
  • You like floral prints and detailing
  • You adore pearls, diamonds, sequins and diamante
  • You often choose romantic styles from bygone eras such as Victorian times
  • You like ribbons, bows and feminine detailing
  • You may have dainty, delicate and feminine features
  • Your makeup is often subtle, with emphasis on the eyes
  • You like softer lines with bust or waist definition; no harsh or masculine lines
  • You like kitten heels, peep-toe pumps, ballerina flats, and Mary-Janes

After you are done, count how many ticks there are in every category and VOILA you found YOUR STYLE.

I hope you enjoyed this quiz.

My Next Post will be about “Style NOT Brand”, followed by pictures of my outfits that cost way less than what they seem.


The way you look says a lot about you. What you wear and how you wear it reflects your mood and your personality. However, your outfit is not the only thing that gives a glimpse about your personality and style. It is also, how you walk, talk, move and your overall body language speaks volumes about you. What you feel about yourself, translates into how you act, speak and dress and that is what you communicate to the rest of the world, my style says a lot about me, the colors I wear and the way I speak say a lot more. This is why we should all feel comfortable with ourselves, love ourselves and appreciate that we are all different.

I care about my image and this is for MYSELF and for how i want people to treat me, I however do not bother with those that judge others instead of focusing on bettering themselves.  And although I know I have many flaws, but with time I learned to accept and love them because they make me who I am. Some flaws cannot be removed (like the things you were born with- one of mine is small bumpy things under my eyes that are called Syringoma), but others can be managed (like gaining or losing too much weight). I won’t deny visiting many doctors to try to remove those bumps under my eyes in various ways but I actually love them right now. Things that i can change about my appearance are my weight, body posture and muscularity, skin treatment, hair, (color, length and style) and of course, living a healthy lifestyle or at least trying to avoid those yummy BigMacs and fatty pastas that melt your whole being LOL! 

So, before moving forward to FASHION and beauty tips, LEARN to accept yourself for who you are and how you look like. Regarding the things that need enhancing, just keep an eye on my blog and I will hopefully help you.

Thank you for reading, I know this was just an introduction but I promise my upcoming posts will be much more beneficial and fun ;).

But first, I would like my reader to get up now and look at themselves in the mirror, know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and accept yourself for who you are and how you look.

Next post will be a quiz for you to discover your Style Personality.