Dream. Believe. Achieve.


#Pashtelle was the acclaimed hashtag for my very first campaign with ‘Dentelle’, a clothing store located in Tripoli, Lebanon. The campaign was a one week project followed by a Pop Up Event. What is a Pop Up Event, you might ask, it can be done in many forms. It is the idea of making use of space/store for art exhibitions, restaurants or performances. In my case, my Pop Up Events are about minimum to massive sales that last only for a couple of hours at a certain clothing store including fashion tips by Pashion Atelier (me).

The idea of pop ups has been growing enormously in the western world for the past few years. As a lover of change and creativity, I wasn’t afraid of trying this idea in an area that is not so updated compared to other areas in Lebanon. Most people (Westerns, foreigners, natives or emigrants of Lebanon) automatically think of BEIRUT when they hear or think of ‘Lebanon’, and it honestly bothers me greatly because Beirut is the only city in Lebanon that is famously known as the creative, the fun and the talented (of course by its people), and that is NOT wrong, in fact, Beirut is one of the most beautiful cities I have seen. However, there is a lot more to Lebanon than Beirut. There are so many hidden talents in this country be it in Akkar, Tripoli, Tyre, jbeil and/or the smallest villages in town. People should understand that every municipality has its disadvantages and advantages. Some may have more disadvantages than advantages, and with the media broadcasting bad/worst issues in certain towns, audiences no longer have any chance of meeting the beauty and the talents in every town.

MY POINT IS….. daring to start such a business in Tripoli, a town where you either win or lose (most probably lose because of it’s economical issues and it’s extremely slow revolution process) comes from only ONE thing, and that is BELIEVING that no matter what, if you put the right effort and enough time to grow your connections and work hard on what YOU want, you CAN and WILL achieve the goals you wish to achieve. I am not saying it will be easy, neither am I saying that it will happen through one night, because like i said, it needs time and effort. One of my goals is to help all those believers in this town to evolve and nourish it with creativity and beauty.

As regards to how successful my event was, I would say it was good as a beginner myself and a starting point of the pop up idea. I met very nice people and learned a lot. I focused on the good and bad so I can do better in my next events. My goals do not stop here, they have no limits especially that there’s much more in fashion and many more ideas to be done.

The most important thing, you can ONLY achieve your goals wherever and however you are ONLY IF you BELIEVE.

DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE. I used to hear those words a lot and yet not understand, but based on certain experiences in my life, I had become to be a big supporter and a believer in them.

Thank you for reading along =)



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