Find your season !



So spring hit in really hard, it’s almost summer time and as fashion lovers, we are eager to start wearing our colorful and fun summer outfits. Some of you might be renovating your closet or making space for a new collection. Before you go out emptying that credit card, read along to know the colors that suit your skin tone best and start a fresh season!

A small intro about why we need to understand the importance of colors for every skin tone (I promise I wont bore you too much! Lol) As dazzling as colors can be, some of them wouldn’t make us look good as other colors would. In fact, colors that do not match our skin tone would make us look washed out or sick.

Another factor is that colors say a lot about our personalities and moods. For instance, when you’re happy, you go for bright and fun colors (of course there are exceptions). However, when you’re feeling down, some of you might probably go for colors like black, grey or brown which are the colors that match how you’re feeling. This is why, it is important for every person to know what colors suit them best, to give the best signals and impressions wherever they go. Whether you have a job interview, a social gathering or a date, you’d want to look your best. So let’s go ahead and find your color range! Yay!

First, you need to look at TWO things to know whether you’re warm toned, cool toned or a neutral

Step 1. In natural lighting, look at the veins at the back of your wrist like the picture below


Find out what color are your veins, you are either Warm Toned, Cool Toned or Neutral (a mix of both)

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.51.07 PM

Step 2. In order to make sure of the above, try this neck test


In natural lighting, place a white paper next to your neck and check your undertone colors

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.56.01 PM

Now, to find your color range, you’ve got to discover ‘your season’. Don’t worry! Its super easy! Check it out below



FINALLY ! Search for your color range based on your season. For example, I have green veins, a yellow undertone and I get burnt under the sun –> this means I fall under the category of ‘Warm Toned’. To know my season, I fall under Spring or Autumn, the next step is to find my contrast.. I do NOT have high contrast between my skin, hair and eyes, in fact, I have a muted kind of contrast (less contrast with softer tones)

MY RESULT is –> I am an Autumn.

Those are the colors every Autumn person would look dazzling in:


If you’re a Spring, here’s your chart ! (Most beautiful colors)


For the Summer girl (calming colors)


For those Winter girls, enjoy your elegant range of colors =)




Extra Tip: There are only 9 common colors that suit most skin tones, check them out

  1. Emeraldemerald-cut
  2. CharcoalGranular activated carbon for water filter on white background
  3. Fuchsiaa_fuschia_flower_by_godanna.jpg
  4. Navy Bluecatalan-navy-1024x768
  5. Cobalt Bluecobalt-blue-mica-powder
  6. Teal (a mix of blue and green)plush-teal-fabric-texture.jpg
  7. Dark Purple348036-dark-purple-silky-texture
  8. Bright RedBright_red_clusters
  9. Pale Pink2.jpg

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