Take Care of Your Hair and Your Hair Will Take Care of You



When it comes to our beauty, every aspect matters. Most of us get bothered by very small details like certain changes in the skin that will simply go away if we choose to adopt a healthy lifestyle instead of abusing creams and lotions. There is however one very important aspect that can really transform our overall look and highlight our beauty if we take time to understand it —->> THE HAIR.

THE HAIR is probably every girl’s biggest nightmare, from changing hairstyles to trying different hair colors, and if she doesn’t get it right……..do NOT make eye contact and STAY OUT of her way if you value your own life (ha!)

Looking at our hair through a mirror or while curling it with our fingers in the middle of a boring conversation (yes ladies we use our hair to escape the dull reality of the moment), we ask ourselves a million question and we go online to search for some celebrity inspiration before we take the HUGE step of changing our hair worrying we would regret it. It isn’t a bad thing; after all we want to look the best we can. And this is where Google becomes more and more helpful OR Pashion Atelier ( lol !! )

Truth is, finding the perfect haircut is much easier than finding the perfect guy. It is ALL ABOUT THE FACE STRUCTURE and nothing else. Not all faces look nice with short hair and definitely not all of them look nice with long plain hair. There is no “wrong hairstyle”, there are “wrong hairstyles for your face shape”. You need to find the perfect frame for your face to balance and bring perspective to your overall look.

What I notice around me is that most girls have very long hair with no haircuts nor any unique hair color (plain black, plain brown) not knowing that a different hairstyle or a different hair color would make them look much nicer and much more stylish. Some of them look very pretty when they go for a wavy or straight hair, but how many times is a girl going to visit her hairdresser in a week? Or how many times is she going to fix her hairstyle at home?

Why is the hair so important? And Is it true that the hair is 3/4th the beauty?

Yes it is a VITAL aspect, and I will show you why in the following pictures:



I have an oval face shape, and in order to highlight and compliment my postive attributes, i must have a shorter hair. As beautiful as my hair looks here, it doesnt compliment my face as much as the following hairstyle below



My face here looks much better than when i had long plain hair. My face structure and character automatically evolved with short hair


I have changed my hairstyle and hair color a hundred and one times ever since I was 15. I like change and I like to enhance my look at least twice a year. Of course, changing hair colors and using toxic chemicals is really bad for the hair. But cutting your hair the right length and shape based on your own face structure really enhances your overall look. I will give more examples below using a hair make over application:


This is the original picture


Medium length wavy hair is a big NO NO for me, no matter how gorgeous the hairstyle and color are.


Medium length hair with sweeping bangs is nice but it can look much better


Cherry bob cut with french bangs is one of the best hair looks i can have that would fit my face structure and my skin tone


Caramel bob cut with french bangs also highlights my positive features and lightens up my face

So this is a just small example of how much different one can look and how disastrous the look can be if it is not the right cut and color.

There are 7 face structures, to know what yours is and what haircut suits YOU best, check out this website to get your answers: http://www.thehairstyler.com/features/articles/hairstyles/the-right-hairstyle-for-your-face-shape

Things you should avoid:

  1. Celebrity hairstyles and colors are very inspiring, but always remember that each woman has her own face structure and her own skin tone, as pretty as Khloe Kardashians hair color or Victoria Beckhams haircut are, it doesn’t mean it will look nice on you. (I will be talking about the importance of hair colors when it comes to skin tones in my next article)
  2. Do NOT try new haircuts or hair color by yourself at home, you need a professional to look dazzling as you wish to be
  3. Know which hairdresser to choose, trusting your hairdresser is very important throughout the process of your hair make over. 

I hope this was helpful, of course as always; you are free to send me an email or DM me on ig. 

Now GET UP AND GET GOING TO THE HAIRDRESSER for a new and a more beautiful you =)


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